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Provides in-depth learning from qualified category shoppers while in the act of shopping

These one-on-one in-depth interviews generate true insight into the shopper’s psyche by exploring their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes in the proper context of a real-world retail environment. Customers don't make purchase decisions in a vacuum or, for that matter, with a group of strangers in a conference room in front of a one-way mirror. Allowing customers to provide feedback about a category, brand, concept or retailer as they are browsing the relevant section or store puts them in a position to provide truly meaningful insight.

Shopalongs: Applications

Look at what they are shopping for in real time.Shopalongs, much like focus groups, are often utilized to obtain qualitative learning related to a product, concept or marketing initiative. However, the retail environment in which a Shopalong takes place allows you to go much further and address issues and obtain feedback from qualified customers where the purchases and purchase decisions take place. The context of the surveys allow Shop-Alongs to have a distinct advantage over more traditional research methods in the following areas:

  • Ideation & Opportunity Exploration
  • Concept Development
  • Concept Screening & Retail Copy Pre-Testing

Shopalongs: Design

Shopalongs are accompanied shopping trips that involve in-depth surveys conducted by experienced moderators with qualified consumers through the use of:

  • Pre-Recruitment
    A pool of category or brand shoppers is identified in the geography surrounding the participating retail location and recruited for participation in the study.

  • On-Site Screening
    Shoppers are screened the day of the survey as they enter the store to determine if they are qualified for the shop alongs. Screening typically involves the purpose of that day's shopping trip, category purchase frequency, brand or segment loyalty and demographics.

Shopalongs: Execution

Shopalongs are typically conducted over a two to three day period by an experienced moderator using a discussion guide to facilitate an open dialogue about a particular category, brand or retailer issue. Integrated Research has experience in conducting such projects across all of the major retail outlets, including:

  • Food
  • C-Store/"Mom & Pop"
  • Drug
  • Mass Merchandiser (incl. Wal-Mart & Target)
  • Club Stores
  • Other

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